Meet the Team

Oana M, Property Manager

Oana has experience with all types of property. From condos and apartments to luxury estates, she knows that your home is important to you. She’s a jill-of-all-trades and can help you manage anything from maintenance and leasing to bookkeeping and legal compliance!

Jason D, Tenant Manager

Jason is a people person. He’s also a good judge of character. This makes him the man to go to for all your tenant management needs. From applications to tenant enquiries and evictions, Jason’s calm, matter-of-fact attitude can handle all the work for you!

Elisabeth K Short-Term Rental Manager

Elisabeth has a passion for travel and for her city. She loves accommodating people coming to visit and knows all the hot spots around town! Her top priority is making sure your property is left just as it was found and being that point of contact for your guests!

Levente K. Logistics Manager

Levente as a logistics manager is responsible for overseeing the entire supply chain process of the organization. This includes managing the movement of goods, inventory management, transportation, warehousing, and distribution. In his role, as logistics manager he typically works closely with other departments such as procurement, ... production, and sales to ensure that all aspects of the supply chain are running efficiently and effectively. They may also be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to optimize the supply chain and reduce costs. Some of the specific tasks Levente is responsible for are:
  • Developing and implementing logistics plans and procedures
  • Monitoring inventory levels and managing stock levels to ensure that the organization has enough products to meet demand
  • Managing transportation and distribution of goods
  • Negotiating contracts with suppliers and transport companies
  • Ensuring compliance with local and international regulations

What We do on


We offer a full suite of property management tools to investors, homeowners and landlords. Let us do the work so you can relax knowing your property is in great hands.


Handling tenant matters can be stressful and time consuming. Our goal is to increase occupancy and decrease hassle. We’re experts at finding people who will treat your property right.

Short-Term Rental

Have you been thinking about putting your place up for short-term rental, but feel nervous having strangers in your home? Let us ensure the safety of your property and your peace of mind.

Modern fuel efficient energy solutions

Recycled wood pellet burning stoves. Solar water heating solutions. Propane instant water heaters. We can install and service our products.